mardi 4 octobre 2011

Tasty Sunday in Moscow

One of the farmer festivals was held at Moscow Dorogomilovsky Market last week. Last Sunday the participants organized the cooking show for the attendants of the festival. The rainy weather did not stop the cooks, and they made several kinds of shashlik and pilaf.

The preparation is at the process.

The authentic oven.

Something new – shashlik was made from the duck breasts with skin.

Let’s call the pilafs – №1 and №2. These pieces of fat-tailed bacon are for the second pilaf – it would be traditional Fergana one.

And the first would be with pumpkins and apple-quince. The drawn butter is added to the copper for better taste.

Some onion.

Hey, what did we got there?

They are cutting the yellow Uzbek carrot for the second pilaf.

The cooks are commenting everything.

Wow, they even got pineapples.

The mutton for №2.

This is one of the best meat-sellers at the market.

Do you know why it is necessary to grease the surface?

The basic ingredients for №1.

The rice for №1.

The onion for №2.

Meat on the bones. It will go to copper at first.

The preparation for №1 is going on.

Taking out the rice.

The holding capacity for №1 is covered with pita.

The meat-basis for №1.

Cutting the apple quince.

And mixing it with pumpkin.

The fried meat for №2. It has to be eaten with onion. Actually, 100 grams of vodka is the best aperitif for this meal, but nobody got it.

The preparations for the №2.

This is the birth of “zirvak”.

These pieces of mutton would be the basics for №2.
It is better to place it on sides of the copper – the taste would be brilliant if you do so.
Let’s mix it with carrot.
The Shashlik is coming.
The spectators ate everything in seconds.
The first pilaf is coming.
One more novelty. Shashlik was cooked on low temperatures and fried afterwards.
Finally, the pineapple comes with shashlik. Very good addition for that type of meal.
Fat from shashlik began to burn. But the meat was rescued. By the way, the skin on the breasts is a kind of essential part – it keeps the meat “juicy” and delicate.
The №2 pilaf becomes delicious.
The time to put some rice inside.
Let’s float it.
And add water after some time.
The rice is ready when all the water dies. After that the pilaf has to stay for 2o minutes in the oven, but without additional heat.
Here it is – delicious and beautiful. Ready to be eaten.
The first pilaf is also coming.
That was one of the most tasty weekends at Dorogomilovsky market. Thanks to everybody for your attention.

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