dimanche 16 octobre 2011

Cave Towns

Cavetown 60

Captivating cave towns of Crimea with marvellous monasteries and ancient everyday life culture.

Cavetown Chufut. The name is translated as “Jewish rock” or “Double rock”. Here the monastery is located.

Cavetown 12

In this house the monks live.

Cavetown 14

One can come across deserted troglodyte dwellings everywhere.

Cavetown 16

View from the cave.

Cavetown 18

Approaching the town.

Cavetown 22

Secret gate. Not far away from this place a jug with gold coins was found. Some of them were seen for the first time as they were only the drafts.

Cavetown 26

Cavetown 28

A street.

Cavetown 30

By the city wall.

Cavetown 34

Entering the city.

Cavetown 36

View from the dungeon window.

Cavetown 38

Cavetown 40

The views gladden.

Cavetown 42

Chariot traces.

Cavetown 44

Dungeon enter.

Cavetown 46

Cavetown 50

So many guards this tower has seen.

Cavetown 52


Cavetown 54

From the tower one can observe the sea.

Cavetown 56

A street.

Cavetown 60

Cavetown 63

House of worship.

Container for water collection.

One more house of worship.

Jewish writings.

Kind of sacrificial altar.

Ancient street.

High-rise building of that time.

Mighty cliffs.

Temple in the rocks.


One can find such a wonder for the present.

Intricate patterns on the walls.

In the niche there is a kind of well with water, which heals skin.


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