dimanche 16 octobre 2011

Дача Сорокина под Тутаевым

Such a wonderful mansion where a Russian merchant Sorokin used to live. The pictures were taken after a hurricane. Let us have a look what remained of this marvellous wooden building.

Unfortunately its existing unsatisfactory state has been worsened by fallen trees.
The history of the building started in 1865. It was noticed in a trade fair of Nizhny Novgorod by a merchant Sorokin. And bought for 50 thousand roubles.
Since Nizhny Novgorod was far from Yarislavl where the merchant lived, the house was taken to pieces and rafted to a nearby village.
Three years after the purchase the mansion was assembled. There was also a garden with fountains and a large open terrace.
The dynasty of Sorokins however did not live long in the house, after 50 years new authorities came and took away all the property.
A rest home for the working class was established there.
The building was left in the 90es and plundered by the local summer residents later on. The residence is reported to have been bought by a Moscow company to build a recreation center in the future.
Amazing scrupulous work and impressive size unusual for Russia.
The mansion represents Moresque.
A lot of work and love has been put into the carving.
Unfortunately now the mansion is even not in a sorry plight, it is properly dead.
The outer planking has been torn away.
The logs are in great condition. If someone took care of the house, it could stand for a long time.
Back side with the extensions from rest home times.
Hurricane aftermath.


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