dimanche 16 octobre 2011

More Abandoned Churches

Autumn is a time of cloudy and gloomy weather, and to feel the atmosphere in a proper way, we decided to go to a really atmospheric place. One of abandoned churches near Yaropolets, which was built in 1780-s, fits the concept very well.

The Kazan Our Lady Icon’s Church ia a unique landmark of XVIII century. The two domes are identical to each other, as well as the temple and the mausoleum under them.

Here are some copies of the church draft dated by about 1770 – 1780-s.

The idea of combining a church with a burial gave a birth to an architectural composition unique for Russia.

In 1917 a hurricane teared the crosses away from the domes.

The interior of the church is made in a far more artistic style than the exterior.

Both photos below were made in the beginning of the XX century.

The project of Duke Chernishov gravestone – an outstanding piece of sculpture of the 18th century.

And here are some photos made in the Tverskaya region. They are mostly bright and colorful, agianst the background of previous ones.

The Church of Archangel Michael is dated by 1790-1840-s.

The embrasures are almost totally ruined and there are only pillars holding up the dome.

The church of Ivan Predtetcha, Ivanovskoe village, the Tverskaya region.

The church was built in 1779 on the money of a local landowner.

The church was closed in 1935.

Next comes St. Nicolas the Miracle-Worker Church, situated in Gurevo village and built approximately in 1874.


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