jeudi 13 octobre 2011

Shelter For a Murderer

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In 2001 one guy brutally injured his girlfriend. To his disappointment, she had managed to call his name before she died two months later. Hardly had the police known the truth, they went to arrest him but were too late – he had already disappeared.
As it turned out later, he had run away to the taiga and had been living for 10 years there. He was caught not very long time ago when calling to his relatives by mobile phone.
Over these 10 years the criminal changed several shelters every time building a dugout and living there until its logs decayed. Here are the pictures of the last dugout he used to live in.

The dugout is a small hill on the left. A dark gap at the bottom of it is a window.
A close-up of the window.
The entrance to the dugout. The door is double. Between the outer gate and inner door is a 1 meter long planked corridor.
This is how it looks from the inside. From a threshold to the floor is less than a meter. Generally, the dugout is surprisingly spacious. A man of an average height doesn’t have to bow his head here. All the logs are close to each other. The criminal even used sealing foam.
The ceiling.
Sealing foam again.
Everything is covered with ceiling tiles. It seems the guy wanted some comfort.
There are two windows in the dugout. Both of them are double-glazed. Moreover, the master stuck some splinters of the mirror to them to make the dugout a little brighter.
The radio set is working. It is connected to the handmade aerial on a roof of the dugout.
The criminal says he didn’t contact with anybody from the city. All the instruments, materials and dishes were found in the rubbish dump. But some of his belongings are in a quite good condition and were probably stolen from the neighboring country houses.
Don’t pay attention to an absolute mess. It’s a result of the search. Everything had been in ideal order before the police came.
In winter he drank melted snow.
Food for thought.
The way he got more nutritious food.
A souvenir katana was found in a bank of snow near the dugout.
This microwave oven served as a fridge.
A thermometer.
Solar cell batteries.
He used them to charge his mobile phone.
That’s how he looked 10 years ago.

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