jeudi 13 octobre 2011

The Bryansk region of Russia is full of former air defence objects. Let’s explore these concrete boxes, as they may seem such at first sight.

Unfinished communication center bunker.
Remains of the moving positions of a rocket complex. It is now covered with vegetation and only large shell holes remind of the former might.
The most interesting object – reserve air defence control point.
“Under guard”. Well, used to be.
Two entrances were blocked up with concrete plates for a long time.
Only some time ago a group of explorers with a hoisting jack made it possible for brave explorers to get inside.
Kingdom of hermetic doors.
The whole bunker is a three-storey underground building with a general circular corridor and a large control hall in the middle.
One of the ventilation shafts.
All the bunker is concrete, even the walls between halls are about 20 cm wide. What is not made of concrete is now in such state.
There is a lot of scrape metal inside.
All the halls are enormous.
Some are big enough for indoor soccer.
But there are almost no floors in the halls.
Something like a mini dial station or a mini power plant.
One of the floors was assigned for life support systems.
Powerful ventilation systems.
Sinister vents.
Equipment is partly dismantled.
The point had functioned till 2000. Then it was conservated for some years and later began to get cleaned out.
Shower cabins.
The most amazing place – a central two-storey hall.
It is very interesting what so grandiose was here that needed all the two floors.
Tanks with compressed air or something like this.

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