mardi 11 octobre 2011

Forgotten Underground City

Thirty five years ago the Cold war was on it highest speed. There was a Western plan “Drop Shot”. According to the plan, twelve nuclear bombs could be thrown to the region of the Black sea, in order to destroy Balaklava, Sevastopol and other objects on the Black Sea. Russian commandment decided to avoid these circumstances and to build an underground fort, the second commandment point for the army forces.
If you drive apart from the government road “Sevastopol-Yalta”, you can get to Morozovka village. The other name of the area is “Alsu”.  But the road is destroyed. The further way will be on foot.
The building of the underground complex began at 1977. The idea was to a dig very big hole in the mountain, and survive the “Drop Shot” plan.
The whole process was in top secret. The commandment replaced two army divisions in order to mask the transportation routes. They also built a four-stage hotel for the workers.
Imagine lots of trucks, coming to and out of this place. But nobody asked questions – that was a part of “military trainings”. And if you ask the local people – they could tell you about the mining plant.
Very beautiful views from the mountain.
The secret object also shared the purpose of VIP lounge. Something like a place where to evacuate VIP people.
This picture shows the entrance to the underground city, this is just the top of the iceberg.
This is the western entrance. There is another one, but very far from that place. In order to mask the object, workers painted black windows on the walls. Like a contemporary building.
These small pictures on the wall were made by diggers and show the necessary equipment for the place.
The big tunnel to the underground bunker.
The plan of the object is like an “A” letter. Two chains of tunnels are connected in the middle and form the bunker in the middle of the mountain. And this shaft was holding wires, ventilation system and the additional exit to the surface. It protected the underground people from the radioactive dust, heat and everything.
The exit is somewhere far.
Just some room with metal shelves.
This tonnel can handle the truck!
The width of the walls is 2 meters. That was the hermetic door segment.
Very long tunnel inside the mountain. Very long, the light can’t reach the other side. Let’s get out of here.
Travelling in coridors.
Oh, there is a door!
Very frightening atmosphere.
4 massive hermetic doors in a chain.
Instead of the ceiling you can see the entire house upstairs. For the five years of construction of the amazing object, workers have built two 4-stage houses, like the hotel outside.
Big rooms, with lots of doors. The part of the bunker itself.
The communication department
One more vestibule.
Stairs to the block of living rooms.
In the year 1992 the financing of the construction stopped. Nobody needed the underground city and the commandment point, so the whole place became totally abandoned. It met with the worst enemy ever – marauders. And it was defeated by them, the magnificent place was stolen by the nearest villagers and spies.
Absolutely, there are lots of adventures downstairs.

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