mardi 11 octobre 2011

Big library became absolutely abandoned. How come? Why do these books remain on the shelves, not in schools or houses? Who left these treasures forever? The building of the library is broken at the moment. It is wet, without doors or windows, with the spoiled roof and floors. And two blocks of the library are just forgotten. That is not fair.

There are two sectors of the library: the technical one (with some fiction literature) and soviet-oriented one.
“The technical library works from 9 to 17″
The head of the library was sitting here, she knew about everything inside her building.
She was strictly looking after books, the rules and regulations.
She could force anyone to obey the law.
But this robe is the only thing that reminds about her.
Reading room. All the libraries hold some very interesting and unique books, that you cannot take home.
And you have to read these books in that room.
But now it is forgotten. Probably it was better not to give books to the library? To save them somehow? Now they are dying.
“Turning the page of history”
“The help for the future specialist”
All the shelves are for different themes. “In the world of hobbies”
“Electromechanics on your life”
“What should a welder read?”
“The road of free economics”, “The engineer corner”.
No one will use the book catalogs.
There are two doors on one side of the room. Some books are isolated there. Why? Mystery.
Vocabularies, dictionaries, encyclopedias.
Lots of the politicians’ diaries.
It seems that the library was not completely forgotten. Somebody tried to save the books.
But still, at some moment people just left.
“In the technical library today”
The two parts, the technical library and the soviet library are connected with the corridor. On the wall of the corridor you can see these pictures, very nice ones!
This is the Soviet part.
“The Union library. Working hours from 7 AM to 16 PM. The doors are closed from 8 to 9 AM. The lunch is from 13 to 14. The last Friday of the month is the sanitary day. Days off: Saturday, Sunday.”
The weather ruined this part completely.
You can see the mess everywhere.
The mold is eating books and shelves.
This building is eating the piece of soul of book-lovers. How could it happen? Nobody knows now.

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