vendredi 14 octobre 2011

Журнал Домового

Life Magazine once called the Soviet medicine the most nationalized in the world. In the  issue of January 1970 a lot of pictures on this topic were published. Take a look at some of them.

From birth to death every Soviet citizen has his own “book of health” where all diseases are registered. He can get medical care without leaving his job, right at the place, no matter if it’s school, plant, farm or office. If he’s ill but still able to walk he goes to the hospital by himself.
But the Soviet medical system has some disadvantages. Modern technologies and means of anaesthesia are often unavailable. Dental care is out of date and therefore painful.
70% of all the Soviet doctors are women. You can see many women doctors on the numerous Soviet posters
These are some women doing special breathing exercises for better childbirth
Medical examination right at the working place
At school
Alcoholism is one of the main problems. Alcoholics get special treatment making them throw up every time they drink alcohol. A simple scheme – alcohol, vomiting, sleep.
A conversation on how important to abstain from alcohol.
Treatment of a schizophrenic
Electricity was a popular treatment for the mentally-diseased in the USSR.
Mentally-diseased people making paper flowers as a part of their treatment.
There are many resorts in the USSR where people can have a rest and get good medical care. This is a popular treatment – mud cure.
And these are pictures of some courses in Moscow High Party School looking quite weird…

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