dimanche 16 octobre 2011


Radiation meter starts to whirr as one approaches a half-deserted village Muslyumovo. It was partly abandoned in the beginning of 1940-ies after liquid radioactive waste had been discharged into the nearby river because of an accident on a neighboring plant. Afterwards there happened 2 more accidents of which people were completely unaware and continued to live their usual lives.

In 2005 the company in charge of the plant aknowledged the problem and started to resettle the citizens of Muslyumovo to another village. However some families will not be moved because of lack of money.
Tumbledown houses still stand.
Disabled 78-year-old woman cannot receive the compensation as she is not able to prove her property rights.
This woman is also disabled. She has got bronchial asthma, pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension.
His mother died and now he lives with his relatives. 20-year-old lad has got infantile cerebral paralysis and epilepsy.
Reflection of a deserted mill.
This woman has spent her whole life in the village. Her mother is a milker. She is disabled and suffers from bronchial asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, hysteromyoma, iron-deficiency anemia.
An old man goes from his old house. He received a new one in 1,6 km from his native village.
This Chechen man is forced to live in Muslyukovo as he also cannot prove his property rights and consequently receive compensation.
Citizens of the neighboring village take to pieces an old house to move them to build a shed on the new place.
23-year-old young man has got inherent valvular defect.
A stray dog running past a fence with abandoned blocks of flats in the background.
A local schoolboy.
One of local graveyards. There are 8 of them in the village.
Gravestone portrait of a local citizen.


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